Rasvansiirto käsiin – nuorekkaat kädet rasvansiirrolla

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The skin of the hands is constantly being tested while the hands are almost constantly on display. We do a lot of things on our hands that make the skin more exposed to a variety of stimuli. The skin of the hands is constantly exposed to sunlight and temperature fluctuations, which, in addition to ageing, often appear faster in the hands than in the face.

It is possible to rejuvenate the skin of the hands naturally with the help of fat transfer, where the body fat is injected into the palm. The grease transfer can effectively mask changes in the appearance of the hands such as visible blood vessels and tendons, restoring volume. The pigment of this treatment is not managed, they can be treated with a laser. The fat transfer returns the youthful hands.

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Rasvansiirto käsiin

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Rasvansiirto käsiin - molemmat kädet
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